About CASS

Known for his funky, Soulful voice, Dirk 'CASS' Cassiers, has built a loyal fan base with his
melting pot of Jazz, funk and Soul songs.

After losing his father at the age of 14, Dirk starts discovering his musical talents and at the
age of 16 develops himself into a born entertainer, first as a drummer-singer, and later as
the frontman of several Pop & Rock bands.

At the end of the nineties, he and his brother Jo found the band 'Orphan', with whom they
score a number of radio hits in their own country, and are able to complete a number of TV
performances and tours. In the same period the brothers travel up and down the United
States looking for the holy grail, a record deal with an American label. Their quest in Atlanta,
Nashville and Los Angeles doesn't get them a record deal, but makes sure they don't go
unnoticed to Los Angeles based composer, producer, arranger Emilio Kauderer, who at that
time is working on the musical score for the Hollywood pic 'Friends & Lovers' (1998) with
a.o. Robert Downey jr, Danny Nuci, Stephen Baldwin and Claudia Schiffer. Kauderer places
no less than 3 tracks from their debut album 'September rain' (1997) in the movie, which the
pair also get to perform live during a live concert at the Royal Academy in Hollywood during
the film's premiere.

After the promising American adventures in 1998, the brothers, still without a record deal,
return to Europe, where they hope the film will take on a life of its own with their songs in it.
That dream unfortunately falls apart as the film never reaches Europe... except for the ones
on the shelves of discounted videos at some former video chain.
Somewhat frustrated by the outcome of the promising Orphan story, but nevertheless with
a valuable experience in his pocket, Dirk throws himself into his own advertising agency as
an entrepreneur, and into fatherhood as a father of an offspring of four kids. , but he always
keeps looking for the balance between entrepreneurship and his musical passion. He
translates that "Yin and Yang" balance into a number of solo projects, he starts in the early
years of this millennium, such as SoulBob and Sandblaster. With SoulBob he releases 2
albums, including See you the Moon (2003) , produced by brother Jo Cassiers and the Jazz
album 'Nightcap'(2005), produced by Michel Bisceglia. In this way he remains present on the
musical radar in Belgium.

After a successful passage on The Voice in 2012, it‘s not until the winter of 2018 before Dirk
releases his next solo album 'Slower, Smaller, Happier' under his current stage name 'CASS'.
A record full of references to his quest as a singing entrepreneur who, very quietly, still
cherishes the dream of being a real artist, looking for a world stage. ;-)

Whether I was successful or not, singing and performing has always been my passion and outlet. Music brought back balance, over and over again, into my at times turbulent life. Peace ’n Music!

Dirk 'CASS' Cassiers.

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